Toktok Online Franchise Package (UAE ACCOUNT)

Toktok Online Franchise Package (UAE ACCOUNT)

  • ₱22,200.10
    Unit price per 
  • Save ₱266,687.90


1.  toktok Personal Delivery link & Referral Code

2. toktok Operator Portal

3. Full technical support and Online Franchise Operator training

4. Customer assistance hotline, you may contact at:

5. (8)424-8617, Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm.


  • You can now earn 3% Lifetime as a Toktok Online Franchisee, from letting your friends use your “Personal Delivery Link” and your “Referral Code” every time they book their deliveries from Toktok.  

    Personal Delivery Link Format:

  • Can also register as a Toktok Franchise Operator

  • Can earn 7% from his Rider’s successful Delivery Transaction as a  Toktok Franchise Operator

  • Can sign Up as a Toktok Rider and earn another 80% outright from each Delivery fee.

Other Information:

  • Be a Toktok Online Franchisee in order to apply as Toktok Franchise Operator.
  • Toktok Online Franchise Operator Contract is renewable annually.
  • You can now recruit up to 100 Riders per Toktok Franchise Operator account.
  • Royalty fee is waived until June 30, 2021, (Royalty fee is 5% from the monthly gross income). On July 1, 2021 it will be automatically deducted on your JC Wallet.
  • Upon loading of at least P5,000.00, the 7% referral commission will be added on your top-up as Toktok Online Franchise Operator.

Additional PROMO Bonus:

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  • Copper Mask Ph Online Franchise - (20% commission)

  • Ninja Ion Personal Air Purifier Online Franchise - (20% commission)